August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Iran – Military Strength (Wikipedia)

Saudi Arabia – Military Strength (Wikipedia)

Yemen – Military Strength (Wikipedia)

Jordan – Military Strength (Wikipedia)

Turkey – Military Strength (Wikipedia)

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  • Fred

    You mention a lot of countries, some of which do not even border Syria. They are nearby, yes. But you forgot Israel and Palestine :)

    • PocketLordSephirjon

      Except that palestine is not a country.

  • Fred

    Forgot Irak, too.

  • Fred

    And Cyprus :)

  • Fruggles

    I usually enjoy the humor/satire of these posts Sohmer, but today’s kapshen was less humor, more startling reality, and it was spot on. Cheers

  • Adam Black

    Turkey and Jordan are hosting tens( hundreds ) of thousands of refuges. Turkey is training rebels, supplying arms , any more “help” and it could easily turn into regional sunni /shiite war. engulfing the mideast. Even Iraqs normally aggressive shiite militias are afraid to get involved, as Blowback could easily reignite their own civil war. If Iran, Iraq, or bahrain get involved it probably will.

    I get it, Arab states are feckless and cant take care of their own foreign problems.

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