September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

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  • MikeCody

    Does the fact that this has been the last post for almost a month mean that the site is dead, or just comatose?

    • Hugh B Hayve

      I was thinking the same thing. The idea of humorous captions for news stories is a good one.

  • alanevil

    Must be yet another dead site. Seemed like a good idea. Oh well.

  • DemonicMRX11

    Fuck man, Gutters can survive with Kickstarter (as it should, Gutters fucking rocks!) but this remains stagnant? Come on, Sohmer, you have to have some witty “kapshen” regarding Congress sitting on its own balls. Given the proper avenue, I will consider tossing a few bucks towards your thoughts on this latest clusterfuck.

  • Bossrat

    I liked this, shame its dead now.

    • jred

      If it’s dead, it’s dead. I just wish Sohmer would say something about it so I can take it off my daily read list!

  • R_Young

    Twitter followers are glory, of a sort. A mass of ADHD, friskey, irritable cat herds.

  • Dave Feland

    RIP Kapshen. Good while it lasted, which wasn’t long.

  • Brendan Innes

    Pretty please, don’t be dead!