September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

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  • Tanaar

    Look, Sohmer, I’m a long time fan, since before the debut of LFG, but your personal biases are turning your funny into bitter.

    First of all, your numbers are wrong. Not just inaccurate, but way off. The actual number is closer to 6/10 in opposition. Not even Fox News, Obama’s most vitriolic media opponents, claim otherwise. Proof–>

    Further, quite a lot of people in opposition to a strike against Assad’s regime only oppose it if we lack a U.N. mandate, which is being blocked by asshats in Russia and China, who are exploiting this situation for their own monetary, military, and political gain, not to mention the opportunity to flip the U.S. the bird.

    The truth here is that Bashar al-Assad is a dictator son-of-a-dictator who has repeatedly used the implementation of brutal deadly force to suppress any kind of opposition. Already in this civil war are 100,000 dead, mostly poorly-armed rebels being slaughtered by a modern military being supplied with Russian and Iranian arms. That’s even before the shitstorm of chemical weapons is addressed. Let’s also not forget the original, declared purpose of those chemical weapons: to use against Israel in the case of war. There’s illegitimacy piled on top of brutality on top of human indignity in the Assad regime.

    So, when President Obama is given the option between the shitty choice of committing a very limited amount of military force in doing something about the egregious violations of the Assad regime, and the MUCH SHITTIER response of doing nothing in the face of atrocity, the answer is simple. Further, I really don’t think just lobbing a few cruise missiles goes far enough. Drop a dozen special forces teams into Syria, remove the dictator and his key leaders from power, and fund the most moderate rebels. If we end up with a new dictator in Syria, what exactly has changed? On the other hand, do it right and you just may do some good for the millions of refugees and people living in oppression.

    Bottom line: I love you when you’re funny, but you’re funniest when you get the big picture, and your information is accurate.

    Full disclosure, I’m a left-leaning moderate no stock in Halliburton.

    • sohmer

      I appreciate the feedback man, and ask that you respect that though my big picture may differ from yours, doesn’t mean I don’t get it.

      And for full disclosure, I think Assad ought to be tried for warcrimes and spend the rest of his life in a hole with no light. My feeling is that American military intervention here will do nothing but create a new generation of people who blame America for everything.

      Nothing good can come out of it, we’ve learned it over and over again.